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Ande Fluorocarbon

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Product Description

ANDE Fluorocarbon is a genuine 100% fluorocarbon leader material with all the properties that you should expect: superb abrasion resistance, good knot strength, no water absorption, and a fast, consistent sink rate. With fluorocarbon’s lower reflective index, it is invisible under water. ANDE’s proprietary fluorocarbon formula is arguably the finest in the world – we challenge you to compare the performance of ANDE fluorocarbon against the competition. We’re confident you’ll notice the difference!
The preferred leader material for soft-plastic anglers, ANDE fluorocarbon in the 20lb, 25lb & 30lb tests have become standard-issue for keen Snapper anglers. The 40lb & 50lb tests are extremely popular for Barra, and have been used to win the Barra Nationals & Barra Classic tournaments on several occasions. The heavier classes are the no.1 choice in fluorocarbon leaders when targeting jumbo Tuna or live-baiting for Striped Marlin.

Available in 10-150lb tests in CLEAR (C)
20-60lb test also available in PINK (P)
Packaged in 50yd spools


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