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Capt. Billy Billson’s HT-II Mono by Sabre

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Product Description

The best in the business demand the best in the business, and that’s why we’ve teamed up with one of Australia’s all-time greatest charter captains; Billy Billson, to create a new standard in nylon monofilament fishing line.
For over 30 years, Capt. Billson has been ploughing the deep ocean waters off Australia’s east coast in pursuit of some of the largest gamefish on the planet. Quite simply, when it comes to dealing with seriously big fish, he knows what works and what doesn’t. You can be sure that if it’s good enough to be used onboard the mighty Viking II, then it has passed some heavy tests!
Our exclusive HT-II nylon formula is made in Japan to exacting standards. Developed especially for the high-pressure world of heavy-tackle, big-game fishing; HT-II exhibits a number of desirable properties including a high hardness rating for the ultimate in hard-
wearing durability; exactly what you need when the line is crackling off the reel during a long, drawn out battle. HT-II also boasts incredible tensile strength for those times when you need to push the drag lever way beyond the strike setting and up into the “sunset” zone on a brutally stubborn fish. Sabre HT-II has been developed to take a beating and still keep you connected to that fish of a lifetime.
After nearly two years of development and intensive testing by Capt. Billson in the Cairns giant Black Marlin fishery, and already with several ‘granders’ to it’s credit, we’re quite confident that our Sabre HT-II Heavy Tackle Formula is the ultimate big-game fishing line. Manufactured in Japan under strict tolerances so it may meet IGFA line class requirements.

Available in 24kg [50lb], 37kg [80lb] and 60kg [130lb] class. 1000m spools. White (clear) colour only.

You can learn more about Capt. Billy Billson and his charter operation at www.australianmarlin.com

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