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Evolures Zargana 150F

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Product Description

The incredibly unique Zargana 150F is not an ordinary diving pencil, nor is it just a simple popper. It’s a very innovative lure with so many functions, for so many applications. The lure body is inspired by the slim profile of one of the most common and highly rated group of baitfish around the world – the Needlefish, scientifically named Belone belone or “Zargana” in the Mediterranean where this lure was originally designed. Anglers will no doubt recognise the effectiveness of this design as the perfect imitation of Garfish, Ballyhoo, Saury, Long Tom and any of the other Needlefish species so commonly preyed upon by saltwater predators.
The team at Evolures spent over two years of field testing and development when perfecting the Zargana 150F and the resulting product is perfectly engineered for performance, balance and strength. Fish it as a popper, as a stickbait, as a shallow diving pencil or as a combination of them all. The Zargana 150F is incredibly versatile and dangerously effective for a huge range of species including Bonito, Tailor, Australian Salmon, Yellowtail Kingfish, Trevally, Barra, Mangrove Jack, Queenfish, Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Mackerel, and just about any other pelagic or reef-edge dwelling species you can think of!

You can watch a great underwater video clip of the Zargana 150F by CLICKING HERE

Fitted with VMC hooks. Full through-wire frame.

If rigging for larger fish, we recommend the following terminal upgrades which will not affect the balance or action:

Decoy Y-S81 #2 treble hooks or BKK Diablo Inline Singles in size 1/0. Decoy Medium Class split rings in size #4 or #5.

Order code: EVZG150F

Length: 150mm / 6″

Weight: 21 grams / 3/4oz.

Available in 7 colours:

#SG – Silver Gar, #SD – Sardine, #IC – Ice Cream, #FT – Fire Tiger, #GM – Green Mack, #SK – Skipjack, #SW – Snow White

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