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FatBoy Sniper

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Product Description

The FatBoy Sniper is a custom-made TUNA KILLER! This lure was designed specifically for anglers targeting Yellowfin & Southern Bluefin Tuna in the southern parts of Australia. This classic bullet design features a full lead block insert for additional weight, and the chrome mirrored insert throws off bright flash underwater – an effective strike trigger for sharp-eyed Tuna.

The FatBoy Sniper can be run anywhere behind the boat and is a very simple lure to troll. Just “set it and forget it” – until the rod loads up and the reel starts screaming that is! Although it was designed for Tuna, the FatBoy Sniper also makes a great all-purpose bluewater trolling lure for all pelagic species including Albacore, Marlin, Sailfish, Mackerel, Wahoo, Bonito & Yellowtail Kingfish.

Available in 1 size only:

6-Inch Model – Code: FBSNI6 – Length: 6″ / 150mm


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