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Aftco Lightweight Roller Guides

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Product Description

Versatile AFTCO Lightweight Guides brings new standards of guide performance to a wide range of FRESH AND SALTWATER rods designed for 2 to 30lb test lines. They are LIGHTER than “ring” guides, yet TWICE AS TOUGH! With rugged graphite composition frames and pure titanium guards and rollers, Lightweight Guides are virtually unbreakable, and their single-foot design and ultra-light weight in no way inhibit the action of lighter graphite and fiberglass blanks. In fact, Lightweight Guides CAST EVERY BIT AS FAR AND AS ACCURATLEY AS “RING” GUIDES, while at the same time, offering the ultimate in line-wear protection with their “roller guide” design. Lightweight Guides require virtually no maintenance, and are available in Black frames, with your choice of Silver, Black or Gold guards. A typical set would include one L6 (stripper guide), one L5, two L4’s, two L3’s, one L2.5 and one L2, but the make-up of the set will vary with the blank and its particular taper. The rollers and bearings of the L6 to L2 guides and LT-Series tops are INTERCHANGABLE. We recommend the Lightweight Guide series for all light and ultra-light tackle game and sport-fishing rods. The Lightweight series offers the ultimate in line protection for the 2, 4, 6 and 8kg line classes. And whilst you can run up to 15kg line through the guides, we recommend the Regular Guide series for the 10kg class and the Heavy Duty series for the 15kg class. The lightweight graphite frames result in an extremely comfortable rod that can be held without fatigue for hours on end; quite a common occurrence when fishing light line for big fish. Put simply, these are THE ULTIMATE light and ultra-light tackle roller guide.


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