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Roller-Troller® Outrigger Clips

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Product Description

AFTCO’s Roller-Troller® Outrigger and Flat Line Clips protect lines with legendary “roller guide action”. Featured is a stainless steel roller that never roughens or grooves, with an Aftcote Teflon coated bearing for silky smooth performance. The tension adjustment is simple to work, and once the tension is set, a precision-engineered latching system will release your line repeatedly at exactly the same pull. Most importantly, trolling lines roll smoothly over a polished stainless steel roller that turns right WITH the line – virtually elminating the friction and fraying associated with the back-and-forth “sawing” motion of lines running across thin wire bails of ordinary outrigger clips as lures skip and jerk through the water. With the Roller-Troller® Clips, your line holds its rated strength, ready for those crucial moments of greatest stress when big bluewater game fish strike.


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