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Star Lures Reef Jet

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Product Description

The Reef Jet is our cup-faced model. This lure is probably the most versatile and effective model in the Star Lures range. The Reef Jet tracks straight & true, diving deep during it’s cycle, pulling a thick trail of bubbles down with it. This lure works well across a wide range of trolling speeds, including high speed work.

The Reef Jet appeals to all saltwater pelagic species, from Tailor, Salmon & Bonito, through to Spotted & Spanish Mackerel, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi and all Tuna species. The tiny 3″ Micro Reef Jet is a one-of-a-kind lure that is not only the ideal bait-catcher, but also works amazingly well on larger species when they are feeding on tiny prey such as whitebait. Run it from any position in the spread.

Available in 5 sizes:

STRFJ7 – XLarge – 9″

STRFJ7 – Large – 7″

STRFJ6 – Medium – 6″

STRFJ4 – Small – 4″

STRFJ3 – Micro – 3″


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