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Aftco Wind-On Roller Guides

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Product Description

AFTCO’s Wind-On guide set is specifically designed to accommodate the knots and connections of wind-on leaders, which have become increasingly popular for big game fishing. The guides will handle lines from 30lb to unlimited line class, and they have the same knot clearance as our Big Foot® guides, but in a more compact frame. They will easily handle bulky wind-on leaders up to 700lb test, and they are also available with ball-bearing assemblies for the ultimate in line protection and performance. Wind-On guides can be used on 30, 50 and 80lb class I.G.F.A. rods and on extra heavy stand-up rods. The guide feet are perfectly formed to fit blanks with tip sizes down to 12/64ths I.D. Our Big Foot® Super Heavy Duty (SHD) roller tip-tops are top performers with these guides for unparalleled knot clearance. We recommend the Wind-On series as the best choice for anglers who use heavy wind-on leaders of 200lb and over. In lighter classes, i.e. 10-15kg line class with a 100-200lb wind-on, a set of Heavy Duty Roller Guides with an oversized tip would be the best option; however for heavier line classes such as 24 and 37kg, using wind-on leaders of 200lb and over, the Wind-On Roller Guide series is the perfect choice. The compact frame means they are a touch lighter than the Big Foot range, making them ideal for stand-up rods. The ball-bearing Wind-On series offers the ULTIMATE in performance and reliability and we recommend these wherever possible on all heavy tackle stand-up rods.


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