STAR LURES Bait Keel [Unrigged]

Rig perfect swimming baits quickly & easily!

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STAR LURES Bait Keel 1oz. [Unrigged] STAR LURES Bait Keel 1oz. [Unrigged]
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STAR LURES Bait Keel 3oz. [Unrigged] STAR LURES Bait Keel 3oz. [Unrigged]
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STAR LURES Bait Keel 6oz. [Unrigged] STAR LURES Bait Keel 6oz. [Unrigged]
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The STAR LURES Bait Keel is designed to be rigged underneath the chin of a dead bait, keeping it upright and balanced with a perfect swimming action at slow to medium trolling speeds. The BAIT KEEL features wider, shallower "boat hull" profile together with extra long stainless bait spikes compared to traditional chin guards, allowing the BAIT KEEL to be used effectively with a wider variety of different bait fish. The oversized bait spikes are designed to be cut to the desired length by the angler when rigging their chosen bait.
The towing eye is raised to keep the towing angler higher on the baits nose, whilst the rear hook hanger has been set at 90-degrees to allow hooks to be easily attached with a split ring and sit in the correct orientation (up or down) for perfectly rigged baits. The BAIT KEEL is available in 3 sizes to suit a wide variety of baits from small Pilchards right through to big Bonito, and is available in unrigged and rigged options. 


Brand Star Lures

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